Monday, July 23, 2018

FuseIT SFDC Explorer 3.9.18190.1 - Summer '18

Another roundup of some of the changes to the FuseIT SFDC Explorer since the 3.7.17230.1 release.

Display additional columns for the Apex Log timeline (Experimental)

Let's say you just ran all the tests in your org in parallel and captured the debug logs for each transaction. Now you have a huge number of debug logs to peruse, but where to start?

Experimental features that I've only tried a few times to the rescue!

By double clicking in the Timeline column cells the full debug log will be pulled down and converted to a timeline. I'm still experimenting with this. Certainly having all the timelines shown at different scales is a bit problematic. It's hard to get a sense of how long the actual transaction took relative to the adjacent ones.

I might instead take a different approach here and extract some metadata from the debug log and just show the core details. I'd look for things like hitting limits, throwing exceptions, slow DML, etc...

Button to delete ALL ApexLog's in an org.

It's a small thing, but currently with Summer '18 it is all to easy to run into a message like:

The Developer Console didn't set the DEVELOPER_LOG trace flag on your user. Having an active trace flag triggers debug logging. You have 318 MB of the maximum 250 MB of debug logs. Before you can edit trace flags, delete some debug logs.

Then you get to play a game of whack-a-moleApexLog with the Tooling API to clear them all out and then get on with your day. This button on the Apex Logs tab reduces it to a single click.

You might also like to vote for the idea: Allow TraceFlags to indicate that Debug logs can be deleted automatically. Adding a TTL and automatic purge of older logs would avoid most of these issues while still being flexible if you needed longer term logging.

Show total counts per log category

The percentage that each log category contributes to the overall log size has been added to the footer. This can be useful for adjusting the log levels when the logs are getting too noisy or large.

Skip Code Coverage

With Summer '18 it is possible to opt out of collecting code coverage with a test run. This can save some time when running the test cases if you don't require the coverage data.

Additional metadata deployment details

When selecting individual metadata files to deploy details such as path, local file system data modified, and CRC are displayed.

Other changes 3.9

  • ApexLogContentControl - Format "SkippedBytesOfDetailedLog". Shortcut to line. Protected against parsing multiple log models at the same time.
  • Expose the Duration in the ApexLogTreeViewUserControl. Color code the Event column
  • ApexLogEntry - Prevent recursion in the model. New properties for Text, Message. Dedicated LimitUsageForNsApexLogEntry ApexLogEntry
  • Option to display timeline bookmarks over thumbs. Detect and highlight LimitUsage warnings and highlight in timeline. Display log running events (> 500ms) as lines in the timeline.
  • Make CSV field name checking case insensitive.
  • When searching for a term in a debug log, ensure that line scrolls into view.
  • When listing Apex classes include an "Uncovered Lines" column
  • Emphasize the Warning and Error entries with larger bars
  • ApexLogModel: Handle CODE_UNIT_STARTED for Validation. Reparent when transitioning from CUMULATIVE_LIMIT_USAGE_END to CODE_UNIT_STARTED without intermediate CODE_UNIT_FINISHED
  • PackageCreation - Include additional metadata when performing a HashDiff on a folder.
  • WSDL2Apex: Skip Complex Content Restrictions (with a warning) rather than throw an exception.
  • WSDL2Apex: Reset stored web service metadata between runs.
  • ApexLogService - Expand LogMessage enum with missing records
  • Update SalesforceSession to use Summer '18 v43.0 API version
  • T4 Code Generator - Allow for sObjects with no record types defined
  • SalesforceSession - Support for as a SOAP Partner URL
  • SalesforceServiceWrapper - Improve performance of ObjectTypeFromId(string id) for looking up the sObject type based on the keyprefix. - Don't include a custom objects keyPrefix in RegisterKeyPrefixObjectType by default.
  • Include dedicated columns when listing Apex classes for Lines covered and Total lines
  • ApexClassService - Handling missing SOSL search results when looking for test classes.
  • MetadataServiceWrapper - include support for deployment of permissionsets
  • SalesforceException - Log direct web request with cookie exceptions.
  • Wsdl2Apex - handle services that require specific casing on the service URL query string
  • ToolingServiceWrapper - Check for API access to sObjects ApexOrgWideCoverage and ApexCodeCoverageAggregate before querying.

Other changes 3.8

  • Data Export Console: Support for connection strings using RefreshTokens rather than usernames and passwords.
  • Options to metadata deploy Aura components
  • Apex Test Results - Expand nodes to show test case failures initially.
  • UI - Improve menu overflow options
  • UI - Track selected log event as the DataGrid scrolls
  • Data Export Console - Improvements to parameter validation. Especially cases where the wrong number of parameters are provided.
  • Option to collapse/expand the log selection with the log viewer.
  • MetadataServiceWrapper: deploy aura components in packages.

Other changes 3.7.17251.2

  • FitDx: --filter option for user defined events. --summary option for count by event type.
  • Add optional allowExistingSObjectsWithoutId="true" to the binding configuration element to allow sObjects to be created with a null Id. Typically this isn't allowed as the ID is used to control insert/update operations and to identify relationship types. This setting can be used for more basic SOQL queries where the results won't be subsequently used for DML.