Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Dreamforce 2019 Roundup / Summary

The recap for this Dreamforce is going to come across as a bit of a photo journal as I go back through my phones timeline to piece back together what I got up to. Somehow, even on my 6th time attending this conference things still went past at a frantic pace.

Table of Contents

  1. Preconference
  2. Day One
    • Main Keynote
    • Meet the Developers
  3. Day Two
    • Developer Keynote
    • My Presentation
    • True to the Core
    • Dreamfest
  4. Day Three
  5. Day Four


A visit to the Salesforce Tower for the Tooling Partner meeting and the Dreamforce speaker party.

Day One - 20th Nov

Main keynote

Meet the Developers

  • This session wasn't recorded, but there were a number of good questions raised. I asked about possible ways to streamline the reporting and monitoring of GACKs.

Platform Cache: Why Implementing Platform Cache Is Just Like Riding a Bike

Day Two - 21st Nov

Developer Keynote

Reducing the Cost of Enforcing CRUD and FLS in the ESAPI

  • Presentation on updates to the ESAPI by Chris and myself

True to the Core

Entity Interfaces


  • Bands this year were Beck and Fleetwood Mac

Day Three - 22nd

Open conversation about DX

Everything You Need to Know on Apex Debuggers

Quip and Into the blue parties

Day 4 - 23rd

Salesforce Evergreen & Evergreen Functions: Evented Serverless Consumer Apps (2)

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