Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gettings started with WP7 development

Thought I'd jot down some things I found useful getting started with Windows Phone 7 development


  • Using a physical keyboard with the WP7 emulator
  • You can't at present update the application tile frequently enough to make something like a clock.
  • Ensure you test your application with both the light and the dark background themes to ensure the buttons etc... are visible.
    I've been caught out by using images for buttons than only worked on the dark background. By using a canvas to draw the images instead I was able to handle the background change based on a phone brush.
  • A Custom Font can be used to create monochrome icons that can easily scale. E.g. http://fontstruct.com/
  • Beware when you are submitting the app that you will be using Silverlight forms, so your web browsers built in spell checker probably won't pick up your mistakes.
  • Take screenshots of the running app after detaching the debugger. Then the performance counters won't appear.
  • Remember to increment at least the Minor Version number in the AssemblyInfo.cs before resubmitting the xap.
  • Save space by compressing Content and then extracting it with something like REALLY small unzip utility for Silverlight

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