Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trailhead - Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

From time to time your parents or grandparents will inquire about what I do for a living. With the latter I first explain that there is no plugging of wires involved, unless I'm breadboarding an IoT experiment, which leads to further confusion.

I've also found that starting out with the term "cloud computing" leads to more vague looks. And the name "Salesforce" makes them think I'm in retail. So where to start?

Trailhead to the rescue!

The new Navigate the Salesforce Advantage trial can help explain who and what Salesforce is and how businesses use it. All with a nautical theme!

So what will you learn on this trail?

The entire trail only takes around an hour and gives you a good primer on all things Salesforce.

See also, the Spring '16 Release specific module (available for a limited time)