Friday, October 25, 2019

Dreamforce 2019 Session picks

Here are some of my current picks for Dreamforce 2019 sessions. I'm aiming for a mix of developer related topics in areas I want to learn more about plus anything that sounds informative. It isn't an exhaustive list and there are certainly some other session that I'll be adding.

Most important session that I'm definitely going to attend

I might be biased, but this session is on my must attend list. Yes, that's the same thing I said last year.

This year Chris Peterson and I we will cover how taking up stripping can improve application security!
Think of combining the existing rigid security focus of the Salesforce Enterprise Security API (ESAPI). With the flexibility of the new Security.stripInaccessible() method. Into a hybrid that is both formally secure and stripped down on the CPU usage!
  • Reducing the cost of enforcing CRUD and FLS in the ESAPI
    Reworking the ESAPI to use the new pilot Apex feature to dramatically reduce the cost of checking FLS in Apex. Explore how the new Security.stripInaccessible (pilot) method can be utilized to enforce FLS during CRU[D] operations in the context of the existing ESAPI library.


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  • TODO - Need something to fill out this area to be a well rounded developer. Lightning Roadmap maybe?

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