Friday, April 23, 2010

Some notes from the Visual Studio 2010 & Windows Azure Launch Event

TechEd 2010 New Zealand dates

August 30th to September 1st

Visual Studio 2010

  • There is a TFS plugin for Ecllipse
  • Team build now runs on Windows Workflow
  • Generate assembly dependency and sequence diagrams
  • IntelliTrace
    • A Time sequence capture of server execution
    • Full debug environment when opened.
  • IDE will perform variable highlighting
  • ~97% of customers have a trouble free upgrade from VS2008 solutions and projects.


  • Doesn't currently allow admin access to the VMs (web and worker role)
  • Disadvantage in that it prevents installing certain applications
  • Advantage in that the Azure fabric will manage the VMs for you. E.g. Installing windows update.
  • Windows Azure Storage
    • Blobs
    • Tables (not to be confused with SQL tables). Provide scalable storage.
    • Queues
  • SQL Azure Database (currently limited to 10 GB)
  • Windows Azure Platform AppFabric
  • Service Bus
  • Access Control
  • Potential applications characteristics that would benefit from the Azure platform:
    • Massive scalibitliy
    • High Reliability
    • Apps with variable load
    • Short or unknown lifetime
    • Parallel processing
    • Start Ups - Fail fast or scale fast
    • Orgs data centre doesn't easily support the installation of an Azure supported application locally.
    • Need to be able to calculate costs to a degree of certainty.
    • Provide a remote storage solution.

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