Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DEV203 Implementing TFS 2010 – A Real World Perspective

Speaker(s): Gavin Lees

Tech.Ed Online

- Process Management
- Version Control
- Work Item Tracking
- Build Automation
- Reporting

Tight VS2010 integration

Advanced source Controls
- Branching/merging
- Changesets
- Shelving
- Check-in policies (add comment, work item association)

Automated builds
Lab manager
SharePoint integration
VS2010 Ultimate freatures

Team Project Collections:
- independent storage in separate SQL databases
- Logical organisation units
- improve scalability
- Can grant security access to just the collection
- Cannot link work items across collections
- cannot branch or merge code across collections
- cannot create queries across collections

Created via Team Foundation Server Administration Console.

Modifying Process Templates
- Install TFS power tools for editing templates
- Edit process templates locally.
- Accessed (Upload/Download) from the top level of team explorer. (Process Template Manager)
- ProcessTemplate.xml
- Global Lists - uploaded to TFS via the command line
- Edit .wit files but upload .xml files back to TFS.

witadmin - command line tool for working with work items. Includes functionality that isn't supported by TFS.

Reverting a changeset
- Get by changeset gets all previous changes.

Run command prompt from directory
> tfpt getcs /changeset:14


Application Tier configuration for email alerts.