Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DEV306 Taming SOA Deployments using Windows Server AppFabric

Speaker(s): Peter Goodman, Stefan Sewell

Tech.Ed Online

SOA Challenges
- Monitoring

- Service hosting and Scale-out

- Deployment
  co-ordinate across multiple hosts and technologies
  support repairing, patching, updating, removing

Windows Server AppFabric ("Dublin")
- WCF & WF Service Monitoring
- Workflow Service Hosting and Scale-out
- PowerShell API and IIS Manager Extensions
- Distributed Cache ("Velocity")

- Centralised monitoring store in SQL Server
- Configurable with support for custom events.
- Not suitable for auditing as messages may be dropped under high load.

AppFabric Event Collection Service -> AppFabric Monitoring. Data passes through staging table.
Config screen for WCF Message logging.

Workflow Service Hosting and scale-out
- workflows can be restored to any server provided they have the definition.
- InstanceLock to control access to Workflows (timeout and polling for crashed workflows)
- Out of the box support for persisting to SQL Server 2008.

Automating deployments using PowerShell
- PowerShell v2
  Remote shells and remote command invocation
  In Win 7 and Server 2008
  Fully interoperable with .NET and COM components
  Call from managed code via System.Management.Automation
  Uses verb-noun pairs.

PS C:\> import-module Webadministration

Windows PowerShell ISE - Development environment

Declarative deployment
- Environment Definition
  - List of servers
  - Mapping of roles to servers
- Role Definition
- Deployment Engine