Friday, November 7, 2014

Deep linking to the Salesforce Developer console

One of the nice things about Salesforce initially was, given a record ID, the ability to easily build a URL to view or edit that record. E.g. you could easily view an Apex Class with:

Or edit the same class by appending a /e. E.g.

This is still possible, but more and more of the built in Apex editor functionality is moving into the Developer Console. Previously there was no way to deep link directly to a record in the developer console. Instead you needed to open the record using the provided menus.

With the Winter 15 release I noticed there were deep links to the Lightning Component Bundles under Setup > Build > Develop > Lightning Components

This opens the developer console with the URL:

This seems to work equally well with an Apex Class ID and a hand crafted URL. E.g.

Of course, this link structure isn't officially supported. Salesforce may change it at any point in the future (as confirmed in the Dreamforce 2014 Meet the Developers session). Still, there would be times where a link directly into the Apex class or trigger in the developer console would be convenient.

IdeaExchange: Provide a deep link API to the Developer Console