Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Dreamforce 2018 Roundup / Summary

The recap for this Dreamforce is going to come across as a bit of a photo journal as I go back through my phones timeline to piece back together what I got up to. Somehow, even on my 5th time attending this conference things still went past at a frantic pace.

Table of Contents

  1. Preconference
  2. Day One
    • My Presentation
    • Main Keynote
  3. Day Two
    • The Lightning Platform Roadmap
    • Dreamfest
  4. Day Three
    • Developer Keynote
    • Meet the Developers
    • True to the Core
  5. Day Four
    • Mulesoft
  6. Deployment Fish


A visit to the Salesforce Tower for the Tooling Partner meeting. Then a quick visit to the Salesforce Park (the day before it was closed due to structural damage).

Day One

Testing Lightning Flow Automations

  • Usage of Test.loadData() to prep records for testing from a static resource.
  • Starting auto launched flows from a testing context.
  • In Winter'19 - Use the FlowTestCoverage and FlowElementTestCoverage from the Tooling API to get coverage details for flows. See Track Process and Flow Test Coverage

DX Super Session (Video)

New scratch org "snapshots" to use as the starting point for creating additional scratch orgs. The snapshot can be used to pre-configure the scratch org in a known state. E.g. with the dependent packages installed and test data loaded. They are currently using the 0TT Trailforce Template keyprefix. Note that any orgPreferences are additive over what is already present in the snapshot.


FORCE_SHOW_SPINNER and FORCE_SPINNER_DELAY environment options that can make automating the CLI easier. They prevent the spinner coming back on the standard output.

Naming for unlocked package versions.

My Presentation

I've done a whole separate blog post to cover my talk - Dreamforce 2018 Presentation - Understand your Org shape via visualization of Metadata Component Dependencies.

Main keynote

Demo's of Einstein voice to convert speech, to text, to actions within Salesforce.

Customer 360 - Create a canonical view of the customer across Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud.

MVP Party

This year it was at the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar. The band on the boat was 👌.

Day Two

The Lightning Platform Roadmap - Part I and Part II

Day Three

Developer Keynote

Lightning Developer Pro Sandboxes - Spin up faster than a traditional Sandbox. Approx 5 minutes to activate (versus a few hours to even days).

Another example of a named package version.

True to the Core

Lots of coverage of how Salesforce will work towards reinvigorating the idea exchange to handle the current scale. In particular, limiting each users ability to vote of every possible idea. Forcing them to focus on what is most important to them. Salesforce will then commit to working on the highest rated ideas.

Everything that's Awesome with Apex


Roadmap for Spring '19 and Summer '19

  • Exposing the Org Limit details in Apex. E.g. Daily Asysnc Apex executions.
  • Support for creating Scratch Orgs with access to Platform Cache.
  • Support for "rename symbol" refactoring in Apex via the Apex Language Services, and by extension Visual Studio Code. Longer term, this may expand to implementing interfaces and extracting variables.
  • Improved support for enforcing Field Level Security (FLS) and Create,Read,Update,Delete (CRUD) in Apex. Goal is to reduce the amount of processing that was historically required to do this. It's particularly important for those publishing on the App Exchange.

Quip Party

The August Hall was a great venue. Including a bowling alley and mini arcade downstairs.

Day 4


Deployment Fish Bottle Openers

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