Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Dreamforce/DreamTX 2020 Session Picks

Here are some of my current picks for Dreamforce/DreamTX 2020 sessions. Many of these sessions have repeats to better accomidate other timezones if required.

Monday, December 14th PST | Tuesday, December 15th NZDT

Salesforce Platform: Innovation Roadmap

Join us to learn about the latest Salesforce Platform innovations and product roadmap. Whether you're building with low-code tools, developing scalable apps on Heroku, or working to deliver a better employee experience, this episode will highlight new and upcoming Salesforce Platform products and features that make your job easier.

Thusrday, December 17th PST | Friday, December 18th NZDT

DreamTX Welcome Day 4: Skill Up with Trailhead

Join us to learn about the latest innovation on the Salesforce Platform to go digital fast, scale with confidence, and empower everyone.

Ask the Experts Live Q&A: Developer Experience

Join us to ask about how Salesforce is helping to make you a more productive salesforce developer, with experts from Apex, Salesforce Developer Tools and APIs with your host Heather Storm.

Build Connected Experiences on Salesforce

Join us and learn how to build modern customer and employee experiences on the Salesforce Platform. We’ll explore the latest innovations in Lightning Web Components, event-driven architectures, and Salesforce Functions.

Building Amazing Integrations with Apex

Apex is the workhorse of Salesforce development. Increasingly, however, more and more of our business logic takes the form of asynchronous work. Join us to learn what's new and upcoming in Asynchronous Apex including Salesforce Functions.

What’s New With Lightning Web Components

UI is the foundation of every app, and the Lightning Web Component Framework provides the building blocks needed to create new experiences that work inside and outside of Salesforce. Learn how to create custom interactions using the new NPM Base Components package, customize those interactions with SLDS styling hooks, then extend those interactions with enhanced LockerService support for 3rd party libraries. Finally, we’ll share a sneak peak of an upcoming pilot feature that will make it even easier to add data to your UI.

Ask the Experts Live Q&A: Roadmap Insights For Partners

Where are we going from here? Learn from our AppExchange and Platform experts as they share what Salesforce technologies should be top of mind for partners and how these technologies will help you grow your business. This session is live and our panel looks forward to engaging into a passionate Q&A.

See the Future of APIs at Salesforce

APIs are the glue that holds together most complex business processes. But despite their importance, the developer experience behind API use is often ignored. Join us for a sneak peek at brand new capabilities for using APIs from across the Salesforce Platform. We'll dive into our latest API innovations, such as the new Composite Graph API, and showcase never before seen features that will change how you learn, discover, and employ APIs in your development process.

Everything New in Salesforce Developer Tools

Your productivity starts and ends with the tools you use. Learn how Salesforce Developer Tooling can help you collaborate more effectively with your whole team. We'll show you the latest updates in Dev Tools including the new SOQL Query Builder.

Note that most of these sessions have repeats in other timezones. You can use the Themes to filter search results by region.