Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nelson .NET User Group Presentation - Best practice - Caching - 19th of August

Upcoming presentation

Kirk Jackson will be giving a presentation on Wednesday the 19th of August.

Best practice - Caching

At some point in your application development, you'll need to start caching data or the output of your program. Scalability, performance, bytes transferred, speed, reliability and robustness can all be improved through judicious use of caching. The first half of the talk will cover the types of caching and motivations for using them -- through all layers of your app: SQL, C#, ASP.NET and through to the browser cache. The second half of the talk will briefly cover memcached, which is used by all the cool kids (YouTube, Facebook, Trade Me), and then introduce the Microsoft project code named Velocity (currently CTP), which brings all that coolness and more to the .NET platform.

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Wednesday 19th August 2009
Gather at 11:50 am, starting at 12:00 pm.
Approximately 1 hour plus pizza afterward.

FuseIT Ltd,
Ground Floor,
7 Forests Rd,
(Off Nayland Rd and behind Carters)


If you are parking on site, please use the parks marked FuseIT that are at the back of the site.

A Windows Game

Catering: Pizza & Drinks
Door Charge: Free

RSVP to me if you are going to attend so I can guesstimate the food and drink requirements.

However, feel free to turn up on the day though if you can't commit at the moment.

Please feel free to invite anyone who may be interested in attending.