Thursday, September 22, 2011

Windows Phone 7 - Morse Code

Category: tools + productivity

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Generate International Morse Code using Dit/Dot and Dah/Dash buttons with real time translation. Playback the message as audio or send it as an SMS message. Adjust the playback speed from 1 to 50 WPM.


Morse Code, Dit, Dah, Translator

Screen shots

Current features

  • Enter Morse Code using Dit and Dah paddles which will be translated directly into plain text. The Letter and Space buttons can be used to separate characters and letters respectively.
  • Enter plain text and have it converted to Morse code.
  • Playback the Morse code with adjustable WPM rate.
  • Send the currently entered Morse code as an SMS message
  • A reference page for Morse code characters.

Possible Future Features

  • A Decoder function that will translate Morse code from the microphone.