Friday, June 26, 2015

A short history of Salesforce bugs and issues

Below is a history of the Salesforce bugs/issues that I've either directly raised with Salesforce or been involved in. While not comprehensive at the moment, it is mostly useful for me to have a single place the references them all.

  1. Salesforce Winter `16 breaking SOAP Partner API changes - Case 12544039
  2. Bulk API gets error "MISSING_ARGUMENT:fiedXXX__c not specified:--" when using "N/A#"
    A customer using the Scribe data loading tool encountered a MISSING_ARGUMENT error when trying to create OpportunityLineItem records where there is a custom field from our managed package. The custom field is an external id, but not required.
    It turned out to be a limitation in Scribe - Topic: "Upsert issue - issue with multiple External Ids?". It can't handle multiple External Id fields and just uses the first one encountered for the upsert, even if you aren't populating it with data.
  3. Events continue to get delivered to Streaming API client which uses a session id , the session which has been explicitly terminated The Streaming API continues to send messages for expired/deleted Sessions - Case 11745520
  4. Spring '15 - Compile error occurs when deploying a test class using an @isTest(SeeAllData=true) method with a separate class using @TestSetup method
  5. "Generate WSDL" generates a WSDL that does not contain the definition of the compound types address and location if API version is 30.0 or above
  6. WSDL-Based Asynchronous Callouts using Continuations can't be unit tested.
    Known Issue: Running Test for WSDL-based asynchronous callouts fails with Internal Error
  7. The Tooling API isn't enforcing the package version dependency in the class/trigger metadata
  8. Tooling API SymbolTable contains “private” visibility modifiers instead of “protected”
  9. The SOAP Tooling API is missing the SessionHeader in WSDL operation
  10. Querying ApexExecutionOverlayResult via the Tooling API gives an UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION
  11. Test.setCreatedDate doesn't work with a Note Id as the first parameter. Case 13752643
  12. Null Boolean assigned to a custom Checkbox field is converted to false, but won't insert. Case 14025277
  13. Apex Debug logging stops working after calling DateTime format with current users Timezone details. Case 14135299
  14. Private methods are polymorphic even when the virtual and override keywords are omitted. Case 14163020
  15. Tooling API in Winter `17 (v38.0) describeGlobal() call is returning sObject types in the "autogen__" namespace. Case 14909168