Monday, March 22, 2021

FuseIT SFDC Explorer 3.16.21081.2 - Spring '21

Another roundup of some of the changes to the FuseIT SFDC Explorer since the 3.15.20209.3 release.

Apex class and trigger version highlighting

Ideally all apex classes and triggers within an org would be kept within the last 3 years releases (the last 9 API versions). The API version column will be coloured to indicate how far behind a particular class or trigger is.

Export metadata packages from package builder

Added buttons to "Deploy Selected Files" package builder to export the selected metadata as a package. Either a complete zip or just the package.xml

Other changes 3.16

  • SFDCExplorer: Surface exceptions when listing Salesforce reports via a dialog.
  • The sObject metadata DataCache no longer internally stores unique mappings for field describes, relationships, or childrelationships. These are still accessible via existing methods.
  • Complete update to Spring `21 (v51.0). Update the Bulk API XSD.
  • SFDCExplorer: Detect if there are metadata API version changes when building up a package to deploy
  • SFDCExplorer: double click to login as an SFDX CLI org.
  • SFDCExplorer: Context menu option to format a SOQL query in a debug log row.
  • SFDCExplorer: Improve Executed Units support for workflow and flow events.
  • Improve support for deploying Profile metadata
  • Salesforce MetadataServiceWrapper - Expose CreatePackageXmlAsString to create the package.xml for a collection of metadata paths and return it as a string.
  • SFDCExplorer: Expose the debug log request identifier in the logs view.
  • SFDCExplorer: Highlight Flow errors in the Apex log timeline
  • SFDCExplorer: Authenticate from serverId and URL in query string
  • Split out OAuth (RefreshToken) and JWT LoginDetails to dedicated objects. Added new SfdxLoginDetails for connection strings against the SFDX CLI.
  • Improve formatting of SalesforceResultException FailedSaveResults.
  • Support for metadata deployment of static resources
  • SalesforceIdKeyPrefix - Raise warnings if there is a keyprefix conflict for the current Salesforce user.
  • WSDL2Apex: Expand ability to search for missing XML Namespaces
  • Support for deploying Profile Metadata
  • SFDC Explorer: Improve error handling when there is a timeout retrieving the sObject metadata to populate the entity tree. Retry with a reduced batch size from the detault 100 sObjects.
  • Weekly Data Export tooling - handle premature response stream termination. Improve logging status messages related to downloading data exports.
  • SFDCExplorer: Deploy Profile Metadata
  • SFDCExplorer: handle exceptions with checking test status via polling


  1. How can we download the newest version? The website still holds the 3.15.2020 version?

    1. Hi. The website was temporarily rolled back to 3.15 as there was a bug around data exports in the 3.16.21081 release. It has now been corrected and the website should have the 3.16.21110.2 release.

  2. Can you tell me how to login to SFDC Explorer using a custom domain? The host name input box is greyed out for me. I cannot log into without entering my custom domain....thank you

    1. Hi. Just above the greyed out hostname input is an Environment dropdown. Change that to "Other" and it should active the hostname input.

      You could also try the OAuth Login tab, but I haven't tested it with a custom domain yet.

      If you have registered the org with the SFDX CLI you can also access it via the Salesforce DX tab.

    2. Thank you...that was the ticket!

  3. I am trying to use the command line to run data explorer and then login to a custom domain.
    When I try to use a working existing connection string, I get an error that says the connection string is empty (see below).

    FuseIT.SFDC.DataExportConsole.exe /c:backupConnection "C:\\myBackups\\"%date:~-4,4%"-"%date:~-10,2%"-"%date:~-7,2%

    When I try to use the following string it tells me I am using invalid credentials or I am locked out. All i did was substitute the valid values from teh working string

    FuseIT.SFDC.DataExportConsole.exe /u:myuser /p:mypass /t:mytoken / "C:\\myBackups\\"%date:~-4,4%"-"%date:~-10,2%"-"%date:~-7,2%

    Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Save your connection string that you use in the Explorer and then transfer it over into the DataExportConsole.exe config file.