Monday, September 1, 2008

Tech Ed 2008 Day One - WEB 301 ASP.NET MVC - Should you care?

(Speaker Scott Hanselman)
  • bin deployable (System.Web.Adstractions, System.Web.Mvc, System.Web.Routing)
  • Testable via System.Web.Abstractions
  • Rely more on convention over configuration (I.e. expected folder structure). The idea being reduced complexity.
One man's magic is another man's convention.
  • In the stack trace window in VS 2008 - Show External Code
  • The general flow of a page request is controller > model > view > render
  • The routing components aren't specific to the MVC web applications.
  • MVC Contrib
  • NHaml
  • Moq
  • ASP.NET MVC doesn't use viewstate or postbacks (In the sense of a more traditional ASP.NET web application)
  • ZoomIt - Presentation tool