Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WEB311 The Scaling IQ Test: When Development and IT Pros Collide

Speaker(s): Richard Campbell

Tech.Ed Online

The IT/Dev Meeting
Need senior staff from both IT and dev to make app related decisions.

Email < IM < Phone < Meeting < Lunch/Food

- Accuracy (Generally first)
- Reliability (Generally second)
- Performance
- Scalability
Put them in order, every site has different priorities

Give the CTO an account call "Administrator" that is actually a guest user.

- None
- Windows (Active Directory, Basic)
- Forms Based

- Connection strings
- Ensure they are used or remove them.


- In-process vs. out-of-process
- load balancing

Load Balancing
- How to make SQL server fail over cleanly.

Performance Bottlenecks
- Scheduled tasks
- Key points that could take the application down.

Things Dev Need to Know

Network Diagram
Production Logs
- Truth about what is happening with the application
- Analysis to create test data (web trends). What are the users actually doing.
Disaster Recovery
- coding support requirements. How much data can be lost?

After the IT/DEV meeting
- Get business buy in

- Meet with IT/Dev early
- repeat