Sunday, August 28, 2011

WUX205 Kick starting your web development with ASP.NET 4.0

John-Daniel Trask
Apologies that this post is fairly nonsensical. I've put my raw NZ TechEd 2011 notes up here for my reference. I'd like to think that I'll refine them over time, but that probably won't be the case.

MVC 3 with Razor Views

Gaining momentum

Large enhancements still landing
 Razor templating view engine
 DI enhancements
 jQuery validation improvements

Web Forms 4.0

Nicer control identifiers
Tidier web.config
Routing framework can be used - tidier URLs

 - Auto .NET 3.5 behaviour
 - Inherit
 - Predictable - Structure based
 - Static - exactly as entered.

IIS Express 7.5

Far more capable than the existing built in server.

+ Support for SSL (even has self signed cert!)
  Support URL Rewriting rules
  Support custom security settings
  Support for web.config configuration
  Non administrative possible

Almost everything IIS 7 has!

Can be installed by the web platform installer.


Web Platform Installer

All in one app for installing MS tools/components.
Popular open source projects and components

WCF RIA Services Toolkit

Where to find things
- Nuget
 Strictly code stuff, DLLs
- Web Platform Installers
 Whole products.
- Visual Studio Extension Manager
  VS specific

Web Matrix

Basic IDE for ASP.NET

"Visual Studio Access Edition"

Introduction to development. Simplified component model. 
Can install side-by-side
Integrates database, Razor, Web Pages (Kind of like ASP classic) and deployment.